What Love Looks Like.

Trying to catch up with NaBloPoMo – yesterday (Sunday) both Dan and I were hit by a horrible cold and today (Monday) I feel like death warmed up. I tried to muster up the energy to write something yesterday evening but just couldn’t think clearly.


(My sis (as Amy Winehouse) and I (Wednesday Addams) at a 21st fancy dress party – one of those silly moments)

Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot about love – of course, in the run up to the wedding, I would! In my post about self esteem and weddings, I touched on the topic of how love should be at the centre of a wedding – yes it’s fun to plan all the style things and very easy to get stressed out about all the little things, but at the end of the day, it’s all about love – the love between the two of you, the love of your friends and family and stepping into another aspect of commitment.

About a year ago, I would never have considered myself someone who would get stressed out about what time the florist comes on the day of the wedding, or someone who would spend hours looking for the right pair of shoes online, but unfortunately that is what has happened (in other news, I now have a lovely pair of shoes that I love and will also wear after the wedding).

Some of it is fun – especially since we’re going for a strong DIY/crafting element, just not so much when you’re thinking so often of all these small details. Two and a half months to go. Yet I’ve accepted that things will go wrong. Part of a wedding is accepting that despite all the planning, the imperfect little moments are the ones that often make a wedding special! I’m looking forward to the surprise on our guests’ faces, and hope they’ll enjoy our weird and wonderful music choices and theme, and laugh along with us. The planning has always been about what the two of us love and enjoy – and as a pair of geeky introverts it’s been great to see our ideas coming alive.

Most of all though, I’m just grateful for every moment I get with the people I love. My parents, my sister, cousin and Dan – they are making this special just by sharing each step of the way. Even when those steps are stressful and frustrating. So for me – this is what love looks like – when we are at our worst and people just help you pick up the pieces, or at your best when you can all laugh together at how silly some things are. Some people have close friends that do this for them, others have themselves (after all, being your own best friend is important), some have their pets (I do too, nothing like a hug from a cat).

Love is imperfect, and not about whether or not your big day is magazine worthy. After all, it’s not the best day of your life – it’s a beginning, a crossing of the threshold, a symbol of commitment. It may well be one of the best days. That is how I’m seeing it – as a beautiful day, one of the best.


(Photo by Laura Calderwood Photography)

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