Monday Night Inspiration: A Flood of TED Talks.

I missed yesterday’s blog post, but in an effort to catch up, I’m flooding your dashboard (and email inboxes) with a host of interesting TED Talks. Enjoy!

As always, to get subtitles, start the video and click on the dropdown (eg. ’24 Languages’)

Robin Nagle: What I discovered in New York City trash:

Zeresenay Alemseged: The search for humanity’s roots:

Stefana Broadbent: How the Internet enables intimacy:

Julie Burstein: 4 Lessons in Creativity:

‘I want to leave you with another image of a Japanese tea bowl. This one is at the Freer Gallery in Washington, D.C. It’s more than a hundred years old and you can still see the fingermarks where the potter pinched it. But as you can also see, this one did break at some point in its hundred years. But the person who put it back together, instead of hiding the cracks, decided to emphasize them, using gold lacquer to repair it. This bowl is more beautiful now, having been broken, than it was when it was first made, and we can look at those cracks, because they tell the story that we all live, of the cycle of creation and destruction, of control and letting go, of picking up the pieces and making something new.’ – Julie Burstein.

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