Currently, I have a number of book writing projects on the go and percolating in my head. The one with the most progress, which will be published by Autumn 2018, is Fragments, a collection of essays about life, identity, and thought. The second is a novel, the first in a series, tentatively called Ashes. I aim to publish a book of poetry once I have enough material! One of my goals is to run my own business as an author-publisher, publishing my own work and collaborating with other writers and artists.


Fragments is a collection of essays about identity, life, and thought. It weaves together five sections of essays, each dealing with an overarching theme, meditating on subjects as diverse as body acceptance and Jane Austen. The thread holding these fragments together is my search for what it means to live in the world as it is now, for meaning, purpose, belonging, and strength.

Working Title: Ashes: Book One in The Phoenix Series

By Sarah Ann Loreth

Set in a dystopian future, supernatural human creatures populate a London that is segregated and divided. Humans are marginalised and poor or occupy seats of power alongside the supernatural creatures around them. The fae Queen Titania summons a small group – the empath witch Kat, looking for answers about her origins and birth family, the formidable Ty, a vampire struggling with an unknown magical affliction, the werecat Cleo, plagued by dreams of her murdered mother, and the fae soldier Dylan, hiding his burgeoning magic from his Queen. All four embark on a journey of discovery and adventure, learning more about themselves and the unsettling truths hidden in the volatile world around them.