Weekend Coffee Share: The Food Edition

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that it’s too late to be drinking caffeine, and also remind you that I can’t join you because I gave up coffee, and milk (even lacto-free), a few months ago. Instead, I’ll have a hot chocolate made with hazelnut milk – so delicious!

I used to love coffee. Particularly a latte, or a mocha. I even developed a taste for strong black coffee at one point. So, what changed? A few years ago I became more and more intolerant to certain combinations of dairy, in particular things with milk and buttermilk. I switched to Lacto-free milk, which did help the problem for a little while, but earlier this year I developed an intolerance to that too. So about six months ago, I switched over completely to a mainly dairy free diet – substituting with almond milk, hazelnut milk, oat milk, and the occasional soya milk (which I’m not too fond of these days). One reason was because I have PCOS and read that milk isn’t good for women with hormonal issues anyway, because it further throws things off balance. I decided to give up coffee too – also because strong caffeine affects me badly with anxiety and the ‘jitters’, and because it just doesn’t taste the same without milk.

I’d tell you that I do miss the taste of milk. I indulge occasionally in things with dairy in them – I like some cheeses and cake with buttercream – but nothing that I know will make me horribly ill. I avoid buttermilk like the plague: it affects me worse than even milk does. It’s just come to the point now that I’m thinking more about changes I can make that will make me feel better, and give me more energy. Giving up milk has helped with some things. Hormonally, I’m much more balanced than I used to be. And my poor stomach thanks me for it! If there’s one thing I do miss badly enough to crave it, that’s a full-on spaghetti carbonara, with pancetta, cream, egg yolk, and parmesan cheese. I can make my own version with just the pancetta, egg and parmesan, which is delicious – but when I go out and about, I know I have to avoid it in case there’s some cream in it.

Talking about food, my husband Dan became vegan in September. As a result, just because it’s easier, I’ve become a ‘part-time’ vegan myself too. We eat the same dinner most days so I’ve been cooking vegan food from scratch, which has been an interesting change. I’m not quite ready to give up some meat and fish, such as chicken, salmon, tuna, and mackerel, though I haven’t had any red meat since the middle of September. I’m not sure I ever will, in which case I may become pescatarian. I’ve had a bit of bacon once or twice, but don’t really miss red meat much. I like burgers, but I’m happy to eat vegetarian or vegan burgers – I’ve tried a few over the last few months and have enjoyed most of them. Mostly, though, I find I like eating vegan and vegetarian food because it encourages me to eat more fruit, vegetables, nuts, and wholegrains – basically, to vary my food more. It’s also much cheaper for our weekly shop, depending on what recipes we use.

Again, managing my PCOS has become more of a concern over the last year. Some of the changes I’ve made are with a view to reducing my sugar and refined carbohydrate intake, simply because they mess with my hormones and insulin resistance. I stopped adding sugar or sweeteners to my tea, so I’ve become used to the taste. Although some of the steps I’ve taken are small, they are going in the right direction. PCOS is such a difficult thing to manage, but with the right information and perseverance, it’s possible to manage the constellation of symptoms better (and there are many combinations of symptoms, I seem to have the ‘classic’ symptoms). One book I’m glad I discovered this year that may seem like just another PCOS guidebook, (but has been extremely enlightening), is 8 Steps to Reverse Your PCOS by Fiona McCulloch. If you have PCOS then I’d really recommend it, or simply if you just want to understand it better (in case you have relatives or loved ones who have it). The author writes in a way that reassures but also empowers women with information, so I’m really impressed with it.

I’d probably apologise to you now for talking so long about food and the various changes I’ve been making. I don’t want anyone to feel bad about the choices they make or what they eat either (that would be hypocritical of me). I’m a real foodie – always have been – and love all kinds of food. Making good food makes me happy too, and I like it when a recipe is successful and everyone enjoys eating it. This is why food is so important to me – because I love good flavours and trying new things. In many ways, limiting myself lately has been curiously exciting because it has helped me to understand flavour more – in vegan food, flavour and treating vegetables well is key. We’ve been using a lot of garlic, ginger, onions, herbs, and spices. My favourite vegan dishes so far tend to use Italian, Thai, and Indian influences. Continuing my journey with adjusting what I eat will be interesting.

Time is running away with us now, despite all that I have to tell you. It’s not the end – there is always more to talk about, and tell you about. I’d like to ask you, too, whether you’ve tried anything different or made any changes lately? All good conversations with friends are difficult to end – but I like to think of goodbyes as not being the end, but the bookmark to the next meeting.

‘Tomatoes and oregano make it Italian; wine and tarragon make it French. Sour cream makes it Russian; lemon and cinnamon make it Greek. Soy sauce makes it Chinese; garlic makes it good.’ – Alice May Brock.

13 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: The Food Edition

  1. Mmmmm hot chocolate with hazelnut milk sounds delicious. I got into a bad habit of having mocha at night. It always seemed ideal as that’s when i snuggle up on the couch to read through different blogs. Gotta snap out of it soon.

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    1. Those good/bad habits are so hard to break! Mine are two cups of coffee with blogs every morning.

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      1. I switch to tea by morning time! 😁

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    2. It really is delicious – try it sometime! I use Cadbury’s hot chocolate but you could use a darker cocoa or even a chai latte powder (I also forgot to mention I loved chai lattes too). You could ease into it by trying decaf but I know it doesn’t quite taste the same without caffeine. Also, everyone’s different – I would drink coffee if I could, I do like the taste 🙂

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  2. I have been trying to make the switch to vegan in the last few months but I am finding it hard with a meat eating husband. I had begun having a veggie meal every other day and have replaced these with vegan meals. The other days are more difficult. I like lots of variety so just making a stir fry and adding some meat in later for him, isn’t good enough. Also, it’s too expensive to to buy two sets of dairy, cheeses, yoghurt etc. Not sure how I am going to manage it but I’ll keep trying. Strangely the less you eat meat the more you find you don’t really want it. I’ve not tried hazelnut milk; it sounds yummy. I stick to soya milk because it contains oestrogen that is lacking in my body. My daughter suffers from PCOS so thanks for the link to the guidebook. I love how you always end with a quotation.x

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    1. I hope the book is useful – there is a lot in there I didn’t know enough about, and it’s helpful for the future too. It’s rubbish that women have to advocate for themselves and find info about it away from the GP or specialists as they’re not very forthcoming with PCOS or anything to do with women’s health really.

      It’s hard when you have people who eat differently to you. Is it possible to switch to things like vegan margarine – like in the UK we have the Pure range which is basically sunflower, soya, or olive oil based margarine and they all taste really nice. Maybe one night you could try making a vegan Bolognese or chilli and add vegan mince instead of meat mince because a lot of non-vegan/vegetarian people like it – they can always add cheese on the top! But yeah, my parents are meat eaters (particularly my Dad!) so it’s lucky we’ve been cooking separately from them these last few months. My sister has been vegetarian for years so at least nobody is *too* horrified about our change!

      I like finding quotations for each post so I’m glad you like them 🙂 xx


  3. The pictures have made me hungry. So good!
    Are you trying any Indian recipes? Let me know if you do!
    As for any changes, I decided to live more sustainably and start a zero-waste lifestyle. It’s not that easy (but not that difficult either) – it just needs time.

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  4. A beautiful conversation over a delicious spread of great food complete with some gorgeous desserts make for best memories! Please read this post about how delicate settings infuse magic into an ordinary day! https://columntribe.wordpress.com/2017/10/23/a-break-from-everyday/

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  5. I had to look up pescatarian because I thought it had something to do with cats but then I remembered it was something to do with fish…which technically still makes it to do with cats 😉 I liked reading your post. I go mad over milk on cereal, I drink loads of it and also have some in my cups of tea. I don’t really drink coffee but I would certainly miss all of the other stuff you mention. However, I really think you are right with the flavours of things, as long as you put the right flavours into your dishes, you can create food that tantalises the tastebuds and is free of meat or other products that make you feel ill. Glad to see you can still find ways to enjoy hot chocolate with other non-dairy milk alternatives 🙂

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  6. Fresh lemon with some Mrs. dash instead of salt is a healthy dietary change for me. As for coffee I still drink decaf with flavored non-dairy creamer. I just can’t seem to give it up and I blame it on Dunkin’ Donuts.

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  7. I gave up coffee for a year after I found out I had PCOS buuut then I started back to my usual 2 black coffees a day! its just to good 😜

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