A Bit of Friday Inspiration.

IMG_2143I’m falling asleep at the keyboard but its been a brilliant week, full of inspiration, and new beginnings. In particular, I’m growing into my role as Editor at Deaf Unity, and in the next few weeks will be taking over full time as Editor from the CEO who has been juggling everything himself. So its been a week of commissioning articles, chasing up emails and feeling inspired about how many interesting people and stories are out there.

I’ve also started writing short stories again. I have a bad habit of starting short stories and not finishing them to their conclusion, so I’m determined to write at least one short story a month this year. It might not work out, but I don’t know until I give it a real go! Its good to set yourself some challenges – to remember why you’re doing this writing thing – because it’s fun! I’m recapturing that first burst of inspiration and motivation I had when I first started writing again two years ago. I think writers often feel that initial burst of energy dies down once they get into writing something. However, I think its good to remind ourselves that this writing thing is fun. It’s creative, its innovative, it gives you a chance to live many different lives in one lifetime. Writing time is play time. It might be hard to convince yourself at the start of that blank page – but admit it, once you get to page four, you find you’re rather enjoying this thing.

If you’re not feeling passionate and excited about a project – remind yourself to loosen up and have fun. Mix it up a bit. Don’t be afraid to jump in and put another character in there or look in the dictionary for a strange sounding word to put in a poem. Write a journal entry about why you’re writing, what made you want to be a writer – capture that essence of magic again. Remind yourself of why you’re doing this, and how much fun it actually is to be a writer, as opposed to, say – an amoeba. I’m sure amoeba’s have fun in their own way, but still.

So my advice is – shake yourself up – try something different and remind yourself why you’re doing this. Have a good weekend!

I dream my painting and I paint my dream. ~Vincent Van Gogh.

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3 thoughts on “A Bit of Friday Inspiration.

  1. Great advice, thanks. What book is in the picture?


    1. It’s called Just Kids by Patti Smith, it’s sad in parts but also very inspiring. Glad my advice is helpful πŸ™‚

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      1. Thanks. πŸ™‚


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