Still Around…

I’m still around, just tackling an ear infection and dealing with the symptoms brought on by the antibiotics. Who knew antibiotics were so rubbish?

Anyway, apart from the earache leading to ear infection, things have been better than usual for this time of year. January blues usually set in around this time, when the sparkle of Christmas disappears and you realise that some things have been on hold and you need to make plans and timetables and the stress starts setting in. However, I’ve just figured out (as you do) that its not worth stressing about and I should be able to plan my own time and do things that I want to do. Last year was better than the year before, and I’m coming into this year trying to be as positive as I possibly can be (as positive as you can be when your ear is throbbing…). There’s been a lot of ups and downs over the past few years, and I’m at that point where I can either take a balanced view and carry on reaching my milestones bit by bit or I can panic and worry. I’d rather quietly and confidently keep writing and doing my thing.

Yesterday (Thursday) my sister and I met up with a lovely young woman and her Mum from Zambia, because they wanted to meet some deaf people from the UK. Mwaba and her Mum are looking around for a college so that Mwaba can get the education she wants. Things are very difficult in Zambia for deaf people – they often drop out of school at the average age of 15. I think the quality of teaching is not so great, and its difficult for young deaf people to be inspired when they don’t see many, or any, deaf role models living their lives and getting the opportunities they deserve – that are a fundamental right.  I’m glad that Sarah and I could give them some reassurance and inspiration, and I hope they left feeling positive about the future. I feel as though I want to keep doing that – inspiring people and helping them to see that they can have all the things that other people do – an education, happiness, a dream. Nobody has to settle for anything.

I still haven’t written about New York, but I will, promise! Dan and I have started the Wedding planning in earnest – there are so many details and ideas, its made my head swim. Most importantly, I’m glad we’re on the same page and have agreed on the ‘theme’ for the wedding (I’ll unveil it someday soon, its very exciting). I’m not the kind of person who has dreamt of a wedding forever – I mean, sure, they’re pretty, but being  the shy thing I am, the thought of speaking to people and saying our vows in front of people makes my hands somewhat cold! I’ve found that I’m actually excited though about making the ‘look’ of the wedding and choosing the music and so on. It will involve quite a bit of crafting because we’re trying to keep the budget down, plus, its always fun making things! What’s more important to me is that we’re celebrating our relationship.

And…here are some pictures (just in case you like that kind of thing..):

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells.  Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.  Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.  ~ Theodore Geisel

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2 thoughts on “Still Around…

  1. I’m taking ASL for my major so I’ve been learning a lot about the deaf community. It’s too bad about Zambia, I hope perhaps, maybe someone can make a difference there someday for those who are deaf. I can’t wait to hear about your trip to New York (my turf ; ) ) and also can’t wait to hear more about your wedding. Congrats on that as well! Also hope your earache gets better soon. Those are the worst!


    1. I know, I think it would be fab if Mwaba one day went back as a teacher to inspire deaf children. There’s lots of possibilities there. Studying ASL sounds great, I’d love to do Deaf Studies somewhere, I’m mostly self taught as part of my MA (about deaf women’s autobiography) with deaf history and culture, but I’m learning from my deaf peers too. Thanks, I’m looking forward to blogging about things, still coping with a horrible ear, its taking a long time to sort it out!


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