Retro Glasses

Aha, you might be thinking – ‘Retro Glasses’? Does she mean for drinking out of? But no, I mean the face-wear variety, the cat-eyes and the embellished frames variety. I remember my very first pair of glasses, when I was about 16, after years of reading and maybe reading in the dark. They were smallish and squarish oval shaped and a metallic purple colour. At the moment, my glasses are a black square framed pair – not necessarily the best I’ve ever had, but they work for my face shape and also look sort of retro. However, I am always on the lookout for a lovely pair of retro cat-eye frames that actually suit me. I love cat-eye black eyeliner flicks, and when I go out with glasses, I want to feel as though my glasses suit me and make a little bit of a statement. I know, how shallow, huh? Yet I feel that glasses can now be as much a necessity as a style statement, or not. Some people have a few pairs for different occasions or different moods. I have contacts too, because I sometimes feel a bit clunky wearing glasses, but I would love a pair of retro cat eyes!

All of these were found on We Heart It under ‘Cat Eye Glasses’.

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