When Products Actually Work…

You know when you get sucked into trying out products because they promise something and you’re desperate to get rid of spots or you have bumpy skin or dry skin or something? Then you use them for about two weeks to a month and they don’t seem to be doing anything different? It feels so disappointing, and you feel silly for having been taken in and spending money that could have been used for something else. Its a sad fact that I’ve been taken in many times. Not least because I often battle with spots due to PCOS hormone imbalances, and sometimes flare up with nightmare breakouts.

However, there are some products out there that have worked for me, simply because they don’t boast of doing anything that they don’t do, and they do the job they are meant to do. I know some people are wary of using products with things in them that aren’t 100% natural, and I understand that because I love Lush, Liz Earle and Good Things, amongst other ‘natural’ organic type brands. What bothers me most of the time is that I can’t afford to spend too much money each month, therefore I tend to go for things that last longer and actually do what they say. Some Lush products have disappointed me, whilst others are on my ‘love’ list. For my skin, I like products that are a joy to use, make me feel clean, and don’t cause me to break out or acerbate any existing conditions.

Facial Skin Products:

1. Good Things Stay Clear Anti-Blemish Cleanser – this cleans well, and I’ve been using it for about a month and a half without any problems. It makes me feel fresh and clean and doesn’t irritate my skin.

2. Good Things Dream Cream Night Cream – The best night cream I have ever used. It is a little pricey, I admit that, but it lasts a long time (mine lasts about three and a half months), because you don’t need to use a lot. It makes skin feel soft, soothed and helps to repair skin overnight. It really does – it makes skin feel wonderful when you wake up in the morning!

3. Liz Earle Spot On – this stuff smells really strong! However, it is the best spot treatment I’ve used and noticeably dries up spots after a couple of treatments. Especially if you use it overnight. A little vial lasts a long time, depending on how often you use it (for example, if you used it everyday I would imagine it lasts about 3 or 4 months).

4. The Sanctuary Thermal 5 Min Detox Mask – this is, again, expensive. The one I’ve got has lasted, however, about two years. Mostly because I haven’t used it that much and you don’t need much for each treatment. But if you want something less expensive, I know that Good Things 5 Minute Facial Mask (half the price of the sanctuary one) also works well for blemish prone/combination skin. Both of them work well to help dry up spots.

5. Witch Blemish Gel – I’ve been using this for about a week so far and it is helping to sort out a breakout. I’ve been using it every morning and night (unlike the directions, which says just at night). It works well, and although not as effective as the Liz Earle spot on, it does help.

6. Witch Face Primer – this helps to add a sealing layer before you put on foundation or powder, with witch hazel to fight the causes of spots. This is a recent addition for me, and it does stop more spots forming under foundation and makeup. It also helps makeup go on a bit smoother.

Body Products:

1. Palmers Cocoa Butter body lotion – this is probably the best cheap lotion on the market because it smooths skin, evens out stretchmarks and scars over time and just works as a daily body lotion. Its not perfect, since it does have stuff in it that makes me slightly wary, but it works.

2. Buffy Body Butter (Lush) – I’ve loved this since I first used it many years ago. It scrubs, buffs and smooths all the rough bits everywhere. You don’t even need body lotion after using this (it could get a bit greasy if you do!).

3. Soap and Glory Flake Away Body Polish – after Buffy, this is the best body exfoliator, it scrubs off all that dead skin. It is a little harsh, so unless you can deal with salt scrubs its probably a bit much. It works well though!

4. Lush Ultrabalm – great for any rough patches, chapped skin, etc.

5. Lush Vanilla De-Lite or Lush Potion body lotion – both smell lovely and don’t contain any nasties. A bit expensive though – a birthday treat?

Other Honourable Mentions…

1. Mascara – a toss up between Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara and L’Oreal Million Volume Lashes. They both give incredible volume and length to lashes. Again, expensive, gah. I can’t always afford them, but they last for three months so its not an expense of every month.

2. Lush Angels on Bare Skin face cleanser – difficult to get to grips with to start, but it did help to calm down my stressed skin.

3. Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh face mask – works at calming down breakouts.

4. Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Face Cleanser – a bit on the pricey side, but does its job well, and definitely worth all those awards it seems to get.

So there you have it – some of the things that have worked for me recently and in the past. Nothing is a miracle worker, and I’ve learnt that the hard way. I think the best thing for skin and body is plenty of water, fruit and vegs and exercise or fresh air – my skin is definitely better when I feel good inside! Laughter is good too…

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