Is there anything better than celebrating with people and having a Chocolate Martini? Or a Pina Colada? Or a Tia Maria and Coke? Or a non-alcoholic cocktail of your choice?

In my opinion, some of the best Cocktails I’ve had have been at Tutton’s in Covent Garden, and at The Hard Rock Cafe. Usually only for special occasions, there are so many combinations that go together like they were meant to be – and if you have a sweet tooth, Cocktails can be anything you want them to be. To someone who sometimes likes to pretend they’re in a 1950’s/60’s glamorous movie, a cocktail is the ultimate indulgence.

In no particular order, these are some of the moments I can remember that involved Cocktails:

1. Tutton’s Brasserie Bar – Chocolate Martini –  Summer 2008

2. The Hard Rock Cafe – My sister’s 21st – Pina Colada

3. The Hard Rock Cafe – Edinburgh – Assorted Cocktails (maybe a Bahama Mama and a Pina Colada?)

4. The Freemasons Arms – Hampstead Heath (my Gran’s Birthday) – Chocolate Martini

5. Hotel Nice Brice (strange name..) – Nice 2006 – Pina Colada

6. Wok restaurant in Islington – Long Island Iced Tea

What you can deduce from this list – my drinks of choice are not very imaginative. However, I usually drink Kopparberg Cider or Tia Maria and diet Coke when out at pubs. Or Rose Wine. I’m not a fan of dry white wine or red wines. I like trying new things, but generally go for things that satisfy my sweet tooth.

Anyway – here is a recipe for my favourite Chocolate Martini…

1 1/2 Ounce good quality Chocolate Liqueur (some people prefer Godiva Milk Chocolate, but not sure where to get it from)

1/2 Ounce Creme de Cacao (clear)

1 Ounce Vanilla Vodka (good quality)

1 1/2 Ounce Single Cream

Fill your cocktail shaker with ice, add your ingredients and shake away! Some people prefer to put a dusting of cocoa powder around the inside rim of their Martini glass before or after pouring the cocktail in. One ounce is a measure, so one and a half ounce is a measure and a half.

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