Today is all about bookshops. Virtual or brick and mortar, bookshops, for me, are like treasure troves of discovery and imagination. Every time I step into a bookshop, I feel like a child in a sweetshop. When I’m browsing amazon, I click ‘add to wish list’ more times than I can count. However, there are some bookshops I long to visit that people have recommended – because they are amazing, or because they have something else to recommend them, like a quirky Cafe. I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t, for example, been to Foyles’ or London Review Cake Shop!

So this is a list of all the Bookshops and Cafe Bookshops I want to visit:

1. Foyles’ – This also has a Cafe. It is one of London’s gems, and it sounds like the kind of bookshop you could browse for hours. The flagship store is at Charing Cross.

2. London Review – The London Review has a lovely cake shop attached, which is a delight in it’s own right. I really want to go here. It’s at 14 Bury Place, WC1A 2JL.

3. Gosh! in Bloomsbury. Its a comic books store so not strictly a bookshop, but still…

4. Worlds End Bookshop – Chelsea. One of the best independent bookshops in London.

5. Persephone Books – Holborn. A women’s publisher – the books are dove grey with a bookmark to match. Sigh.

6. Concrete Hermit – East London – illustration, art and photography books.

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