Walking in the Woods

Walking in the Woods – what a strange title! It is one of the things I love doing – I remember lots of family trips to country parks and woods/forests when I was little. They have all sort of bunched up in my memory to create this idea of a perfect wood, with tall trees, green leaves, red squirrels (even though I’ve never seen one), crunchy ground, and so on. There is a little wood near where I live in the local park – its small but beautiful. Walking in the woods make me feel calm and at peace, a bit like a shaded sheltered area where I can think and get some fresh air and imagine things. I remember going to a forest and having my photo taken with a field of bluebells – I don’t remember what forest it was but I remember the smell!

It is also something I should do more of – there are a few woods around me in the area, even though we’re in North London. Especially because in writing this post I realise I don’t have any recent photos of wooded areas…so We Heart It will have to do…

All Images from We Heart It and respective owners.

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