Top Ten Authors That Deserve More Recognition

1296296806758645_largeI’m not sure how many authors I can come up with who people haven’t heard of – but I’ll try! I find that I often go for authors that either someone may know, or people will know within a particular genre. I might not be able to come up with ten this week, sorry! Also, most of these writers are women – as we are still writing in a male dominated industry, and women often don’t get the recognition they deserve.

1. Jane Wenham Jones – author of Wannabe a Writer? and Wannabe a Writer We’ve Heard Of (I haven’t read this one though…) – she’s one of those writers who make you feel comforted and excited on your first steps into writerhood. She’s also written some novels, which I haven’t read…yet!

2. Gail Carriger – author of The Parasol Protectorate – a thrilling satire in Victorian England about Vampires, Werewolves and a woman without a soul. Its lighthearted and fun, and involves quite a lot of Steampunk imagery. Her first book was interesting because I hadn’t read something quite so satiric and funny – there are a lot of laugh out loud moments.

3. Kat Richardson – author of the Greywalker series. I love the characterisation and the ghostly world of the grey. She writes well and although sometimes its hard to get into the books at first, they are worth the time.

4. Rachel Vincent – author of the Shifters series of books about were-cats. A tough heroine and an interesting society, as well as tackling some difficult themes.

5. Natalie Goldberg – if you’re a writer, you’ve probably heard of or read Writing Down the Bones – but I’ve also read Wild Mind and she is an incredible writer, so inspiring when you feel you can’t write or don’t want to write. Its less a step by step guide and more of a spiritual and emotional guide through the pitfalls and joys of writing.

6. Valerie Martin – author of Italian Fever, Mary Reilly and Trespass. Italian Fever and Trespass both surprised me with their subject matter and the twists and turns of plot. When you read her writing, you’re taken on a journey when you don’t know what to expect around the next corner. Much of her writing is unsettling.

7. Marge Piercy – author of Woman on the Edge of Time (beautiful and harrowing book – a must read!) and He, She and It – two of my favourite novels. She grapples with difficult ideas and science fiction/fantasy and for the most part, makes it readable. It helps if you know some of the background to the ideas in her novels but they are good reads in their own right.

8. Joyce Carol Oates – author of Blonde, which is an epic, disturbing and fantastic novel. I don’t think she gets talked about much in the UK, as she’s from the US, but she’s a wonderful writer. Blonde is awe inspiring – based upon the life of Marilyn Monroe, but more of a study of sexuality, fame and corruption.

9. and 10. All writers out there need more recognition, because writing is hard. Its hard but ultimately rewarding, and knowing that someone is reading and enjoying your work is a fantastic reward for all that hard work.

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2 thoughts on “Top Ten Authors That Deserve More Recognition

  1. I confess I haven’t heard of most authors on your list. But I guess that is the point of the share the love authors who deserve it.


  2. I like Natalie Goldberg, and Joyce Carol Oates. I just reviewed Oates’ new memoir. People always tell me that I must read Piercy, but I haven’t done it yet.

    Check out my post here:


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