Go confidently in the direction of your dreams…

I’ve let blogging slip over the past few weeks. Most of it is to do with finding that I have too little time to do everything; I feel like I’ve had writer’s block but I wouldn’t say it actually was! I had to write a story for my last TMA (tutor marked assignment), and tied myself in knots and had a tantrum or two over it. Luckily my tutor actually liked it, and suggested that I make the characters more engaging. I feel that I over-planned it and it didn’t turn out quite like I expected it to, but that’s the nature of writing – you make a plan and it evolves over time. It needs some more work before I’m prepared to show it to the world on my website (Destiny is Choice – hop over there if you want to read some of my work and work in progress!).

So…what has this week been like? It’s been a mixed bag. On one hand, I’ve had some lovely moments but there have been some depressing ones too. I let the depressing things drag me down too much, let the feeling stop me from doing what I need to do. The lesson learnt there is to try and be positive; if that doesn’t work, then try to distract myself. Successful distractions include reading, going to a café (Starbucks here I come), writing in said café (actually leaving the house and leaving the stress behind), and counting all the good things I have in my life. Basically, things have gotten on top of me lately, and I’ve lost sight of the reason why I blog – to share with the world and be a part of a community of various bloggers.

This weekend I’m hoping to be distracted by a fancy dress 21st party (I’m going as Wednesday Addams!), going out with my man and hopefully just having some fun with other people. Being a writer can be kind of insular – its like having yourself as best friend and worst enemy all at once. Especially when you’re struggling to think of how to write a story that just doesn’t want to behave.

I’m also behind with the Top Ten Tuesday, oops. This week its meant to be Top Ten Bookish Pet Peeves – ie. what annoys you about books, reading, or book related things…

I’ve also taken part in a handwriting tag thing – I was alerted to it by the man, who had a go at it and posted his link on Twitter. So below is my effort:

1. Your name and blog name. 2. Your blog URL.  3. Write ‘A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog’. 4. Your favourite quote. 5. Favourite song. 6. Favourite band/artist. 7. Anything else you want to write…

This came from Frills n’ Spills but it was originally from all over the place aka the void that is the internet. So feel free to consider yourself tagged! I love seeing other people’s handwriting because people don’t write enough in my opinion – especially in these days of electronic text. It felt strange to me when I started writing in notebooks more instead of typing away; its a completely different experience and its taken me a while to get used to the rhythm of writing with pen and paper again.

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