That was February…

I’ve been in a weird mood today. Kind of like – ‘oh, it’s March? What’s happening this month?’ because February was such an action packed and crazy sort of month this year. I can’t remember a month as busy as that since I was at University – which can only mean good things, right? I’ve decided that if I don’t have anything planned each day, I need to give myself the structure I lack – by writing, and finding different places to write. I accept that I won’t always be able to go to Starbucks and find a quiet corner to write and relax, but I’m willing to try different things. It helps to get out of the house because sometimes you need different scenery and to have life going on around you. Sometimes its good for observing things and people watching – writers are the only people (as well as painters and photographers?) who can justify staring into space as actually ‘working’! Anyway, in lieu of a month round up, I’m going to post some photos that I feel summed up this month – enjoy!

♥ Plus London 2011

♥ Dan and I’s 10 year anniversary – 10 years since we got together! (we met when I was 16 and he was 17)

♥ Thomas Truax at the end of January

♥ Pub Quiz

♥ Finishing my fourth notebook since I started writing again in October 2009

♥ Spontaneous Piano Bar visit with the man

♥ A full tree of Magpies (yes, really…about 7 of them!)

♥ An impromptu writing workshop

♥ Deafinitely Theatre ‘Fourplay’ (Four new plays in one)

♥ Stars and Rainbows Jewellery business meeting in Starbucks…

♥ Planning new writing and business projects

♥ Setting myself challenges for the months ahead

♥ Learning to stay strong even when things seem to be heading south

♥ Finally discovering a story waiting to be written for a novel

I hope you had a good or at least fruitful February – happy March!

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