Definatalie is one of my favourite bloggers – she writes posts full of insight, and most importantly, advocates for Fance and Fat Acceptance. I love her illustration and her monthly desktops (which have been gracing my desktop for the past few months) and I look forward to reading her posts, seeing what she has to say. Recently when I’ve been feeling low and uninspired, I just have to hop over to Natalie’s blog and maybe read her latest post or have a look through the archives.

I admit that I started reading her blog when I started up my Fatshion blog (Polka Dots and Rainbows), but where some blogs are too heavy on one or the other (too many images, not enough text or vice versa – although I wouldn’t want to say that this is bad, just sometimes its good to have a balance), Definatalie strikes a balance between fatshion, fat acceptance, illustration and inspiration. This is the kind of blog/website I aspire to. I’m not an illustrator (although I do try to draw occasionally), but as a writer, inspiration is so important.

Natalie wrote a post yesterday that I just completely agreed with, because she took the words right out of my mouth.

To fancy is to desire is to be human. To fancy is to teeter on the edge of having and not having, and the not having can be sad, even painful – very much the counterbalancing human experience.

This describes things perfectly – when we long for something or feel that it is beautiful but will never/can never have it. For me, reading a book is very much like this – I enter the world of the book, but inevitably it ends and sometimes, if the book is good, I feel a sense of loss. Again, writing is a kind of immersion, then it results in a loss, a sadness when your journey with a particular piece of writing, book, dissertation is over. Natalie makes the point that Fancy is not just about ‘fancy’ objects or images, but it is about imagination and flights of fancy.

I take the word ‘fancy’ not to mean some sort of impossible ideal, but something that you feel is beautiful and makes your world a bit brighter. I love to scour the internet for beautiful images, objects, art and materials, to browse Flickr and We Heart It for images that I think are interesting and exciting. Nobody but you can measure what your particular brand of ‘Fancy’ is – and like Natalie says, my fancy or your fancy might not appeal to everyone. Isn’t that the point though – that everyone is different? This is what sparks creativity and begins a new dream or idea.

Some of my ‘Fancy’:

1 thought on “Fance!

  1. I saw your Autumn images in another post and came for a closer look. I think of myself as being a summer girl, and got myself confused in the thought that as summer is my favourite, the other seasons aren’t as good… but I’m looking forward to Halloween! Once I barely even noticed it was coming, except to say “uh oh, better make sure we have some Mars Bars in the house, in case of trick or treaters.”

    I became more aware of it because I love to look for pretty things too. In my case it’s desktop pictures on an eternal cycle on the computer, so I don’t have to change them myself. There is a season in desktop pictures; people post photos of roses in June, and ghosties and red leaves in October. I was thinking you could put all your collected fancies together into a personal desktop background for yourself — perhaps one for every mood. But I shouldn’t be trying to change your hobby into mine… LOL. 🙂


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