Cats and Chocolate…

I recently had a comment on my ‘About Liz’ page that gave me pause for thought about the title of this blog. Looking at the search terms that bring up my blog, I realise that the title needs a little bit of expansion! Basically, I love cats, but would never feed them chocolate. It’s toxic, no matter how much they love the smell (as our three do). I’ve read that in very very small amounts that it probably won’t harm them, but who wants to take the risk? It may end up with you losing your furry friends. Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine, which are apparently two types of lethal stimulants for cats and dogs.

I’ve found a few pages with information about cats, dogs and chocolate:

Pet People’s Place

Pet Education

Know Your Cat

Chocolate Poisoning

Common Poisons Around The House

So the message is not to feed your cats or dogs chocolate – it could be lethal.

I haven’t said anything about our three cats lately – they are all doing fine. Flossie is up to her usual mad cat tricks and Georgina has been dozing, eating and seeking attention like she usually does. Quentin has also been fine – a bit jumpy but he’s always been that way. Georgina was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid last year, and the vet basically gave us three options – keep her on tablets for the rest of her life, give her an operation to try and cure it, or take out her thyroid completely. However, she hated the tablets and would eat around them, spit them out, run off when we tried to give them to her and generally hated the whole thing. She was very thin and skinny and we were really worried about her. Then something amazing happened – she put on weight again, and is much happier apart from being quite hungry most of the time, which we temper with the fact that they all get the same amount of food each day. I don’t think my parents see the point of putting her through an operation and she really hates the tablets. Considering she’s an old cat, we think she’s doing very well!

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3 thoughts on “Cats and Chocolate…

  1. That’s quite a spectacular-looking cat, looks kind of like you saw her battling a lizard thing with a leaf on its back out in the woods and caught her using a pokeball.


  2. Haha, that’s an interesting image! ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes she’s amazing, she’s a cross between a white chinchilla and a black cat – Quentin is her brother and they both have these white and grey markings. Usually she’s just very sweet natured – always following someone around and wanting to be hugged or stroked. She’s a creature comforts kind of girl – likes her food and sleep! ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, she is obsessed with shoes and feet and will automatically sit on any shoes that are on the floor or put her paws into them as if she’s trying to wear them :O


  3. Thatโ€™s quite a spectacular-looking cat, looks kind of like you saw her battling a lizard thing with a leaf on its back out in the woods and caught her using a pokeball.


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