Late Night Poetry #26: Wonder Moon

A quick post today because I’ve run out of spoons and it’s past midnight in the UK.

Poets use the moon a lot in metaphors and as inspiration, and I’m no different. It’s like a lodestone, even with its apparent inconstancy.

By Jenin Abumazen, Unsplash.

It’s not really the moon changing though. It always remains round and full above the earth, but orbits the planet in monthly phases whilst the earth orbits the sun. Earth is the shadow on the moon.

I’m just going to share a poem called ‘Wonder Moon’ that I wrote this summer. It was inspired by the heatwaves we had this summer and the wonder I feel when I see the full moon.

Wonder Moon

I looked up and the moon
was lassoed close –
perfectly round and cratered.
I thought if I could reach out,
I’d feel the bright cold
send shivers down my spine –
gooseflesh delicious, like
the freeze of mango coconut ice,
and neon-lit white snow.

This post is part of NanoPoblano, a Cheer Peppers production! If you’d like to see what other people are writing and sharing, please click the image below.

6 thoughts on “Late Night Poetry #26: Wonder Moon

  1. The moon is pretty awesome

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really is! 🌛🌝🌕


  2. Okay, now I feel like I need mango coconut ice…
    Yes, I like a poem like this, that give me sensations.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you like it! And me too, even though winter is setting in here 🥶

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