Late Night Poetry #22: The Merchant’s Wife At Tea

This poem is something I wrote last year using the Winter Tangerine prompt of writing about a piece of art I admire or enjoy. I chose The Merchant’s Wife at Tea by Boris Kustodiev. It’s quite a striking painting – lush and abundant, but also features a really lovely cat, tea, and what seems like a moment of solitude.

The Merchant’s Wife at Tea

This woman is everything I wish to be
she sits at a table with a cat and tea
her smile appears so sanguine
or perhaps it is the deep blue satin
enveloping the expanse
of her lush creamy skin

the table is awash with fruit
a vast watermelon loot
an overflowing basket of bread
sweet pastry you’d never regret
and the teapot holding court
above this luscious spread

the sky behind is a fantasy scene
sweet pink edible clouds
blue mirage from a dream
piercing spires ladder into cream
private whispering trees
secluding the lady within

this woman holds her tea so elegantly
mid-thought she sits poised
in this artist’s dream for eternity
a fixed moment, painted with grace
with her cat, her dress, and her tea
her solitary time on a balcony.

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