Late Night Poetry #20: Mind Wanting More

April this year was probably my most productive month for writing, and I wrote a number of poems using prompts. One of my favourite series of prompts was taking a list of poems written by other poets and writing ‘after poems’, which can act as jumping off points, or inspiration for your own writing.

One of them was Mind Wanting More by Holly J. Hughes, which is beautiful and ends with the line ‘as if joy weren’t strewn all around’. I decided to keep that line to end the poem I wrote. It inspired me to settle my mind on the joys that were possible in the moment, as we were still in lockdown in the UK at that point.

By Chris Lawton, Unsplash.

Mind Wanting More

after Holly J. Hughes

Only the golden hour of sun
bathing the rows of books, a spotlight
on an empty stage. Outside,
streaked sky. Raindrops scattering
the window like jewels. Birds home to roost.
My mind wants to be in an audience 
watching as a stage is lit up 
with movement, dramatic music 
filling an auditorium with
bass vibration.

But this still moment is all
we have, the warm golden hour
calling dusk closer, a night of
screens and sunsets, more hours 
to choose your careful words, 
to ease your heart onto the page;
a bruised tired creature emerging
from hibernation—as if quiet days
ending in symphony of light weren’t enough
as if joy weren’t strewn all around.

This is my 20th Late Night Poetry post – find the rest here!

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