Late Night Poetry #16: Displaced

By Nitish Meena

You have a home,
a roof, safety.

Imagine trekking miles,
kilometres, across unfriendly land.

Diving into boats,
in the secret unknown dark.

Later, the sun beating overhead,
the sea miraging,
a cracked thirst,
only to be turned back.

Desperation written on the lines
across your father’s brow.

Animal fear rising in your clouded eyes,
no guarantee of ever feeling
that you will belong.

You have a place,
a room, a country.

© Elizabeth Ward, 2018.

Inspired by Grayson Queen’s Somethingist Challenge, ‘Something displaced.’

* For Nano Poblano 2018.

* Help Refugees – they are a refugee charity with minimal overheads and maximum impact. No highly-paid executives. No big fundraising budgets. In just three years, they’ve grown from a social media campaign into a global movement that has helped three quarters of a million people.

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