Late Night Poetry #6: The Garden


Pay attention to
the garden
you are growing
inside you.

It will bloom
or wilt
If you let the bitter
acid rain destroy
The wildflowers in
the meadow.

Or allow the strong
heart tree
with its creaking roots
To be destroyed by
wielded by yourself.

Instead, feed it
rich things:
Art, laughter like
echoing bells ringing,
Time and patience, to
get the flowers singing.

And the wisdom
that only comes with
learning through the rough
and barren winters:
that spring will come again
and your flowers will once again
be joyful singers.

2 thoughts on “Late Night Poetry #6: The Garden

  1. To be destroyed by
    wielded by yourself.

    This really is the truth-it is our choice as to the state of our gardens. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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