January Instagram

Occasionally I take part in the Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day Challenge on Instagram (my handle is destinyischoice) – I’ve done a few in past years, but this year I decided to start the year off as I mean to go on when it comes to photography. I managed to complete all the days apart from a few days where I had to catch up, and there is still one missing, but I made up for it by taking extra daily photos. I’m also doing it again this month.

We ended the month in a contemplative mood. The 30th was the first anniversary of Granny’s death (on my Mum’s side), and we took a trip to Cambridge and visited her village where her plaque has just been put up in the churchyard. It has been hard to accept how much change there has been in one year, but I think I’m in a more forward thinking, accepting place, able to feel enthusiastic about life and the things that I want to do. I think she would be proud of all her grandchildren. She had so much love for everyone, and I know she would want us all to be happy. In the last twenty years, she was so strong and resilient, especially after losing her husband (our Pop) in his sixties. Her and our Auntie Marjorie (her cousin, who also died last year in the summer), were both two of the strongest women I have ever met, and were, and still are, an inspiration.

I’ve put the photos below in random order, and added a few extra from the month.

I hope your January was filled with good things, and that the coming month is filled with wonderful moments.

‘The people who don’t give up are the ones who find a way to believe in abundance rather than scarcity. They’ve taken into their hearts the idea that there is enough for all of us, that success will manifest itself in different ways for different people, that keeping the faith is more important than cashing the cheque.’ – Cheryl Strayed, Brave Enough.

11 thoughts on “January Instagram

  1. Such beautiful photos – and a quote that seems to have been meant just for me. (I also have the little plaque about cats and homes.)

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  2. Ratika Deshpande February 3, 2016 — 3:27 am

    These are beautiful! And I love your “Book Chair”. 🙂

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  3. inspirational photos, so unique and simple

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  4. Beautiful photos.

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  5. Good work…these are all really nice.

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  6. good work. I love the pics . 🙂


  7. A beautiful montagé of photos, symbolising a spectrum of emotion & colour. A stark portrayal with sentimental affiliation to a blessed late loved one. Truly inspirational, especially the proverb at the end. Keeping the Faith & investing our time & energies into positive elements gives us the power to succeed, also in times of pain afflicted diversity!! Keep the candle of light & love burning entwined with our passions yearning, helping to expand the creative mind with continuous educational learning!!


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