First comes love, then comes marriage…

2014-02-03 00.14.02

I’m wearing an extra ring! No seriously, it was a beautiful day – I got married on 1st February, our 13th anniversary together (we got together when Dan was 17 and I was 16). It’s been a wonderful journey and we put so much effort into the crafting, details and theme of the day – I can now tell you all that it was a literary/vintage/story/film inspired day. There were books, birdcages and two typewriters. We’re both having a week off to chill out and take stock of things (plus tidy up because everything is a mess in this house!), so you can look forward to a stream of DIY tutorials, the story of the day, and many more things besides. We also have a wedding website and blog for you to take a gander at (if you want to be nosy…): Liz & Dan. – the blog is the ‘Authors Notes’ section. Enjoy! We both had so much fun planning and putting things into action. Although the crafting took ages and was stressful in the end, the finished result was all worth it, and added more magic to the day. I hope you enjoy reading all about it when I get myself sorted!

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6 thoughts on “First comes love, then comes marriage…

  1. aww congrats!! 13 years! that puts my little 2-year relationship to shame 🙂


    1. Congratulations to both of you. Enjoyed your well-deserved rest!


      1. Thanks! We’re sad our ‘rest week’ has come to an end, but it was great to get some proper down time. Hope all is well xxx


    2. I think everyone is a little shocked when we say 13 years! (we were teens when we met for the first time). Thank you! xxx


  2. Congratulations! So pleased for both of you 🙂

    Maria xxx


    1. Thank you 🙂 It was a beautiful day and we’re looking forward to what this year will bring xxx


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