Hope Bird.

Hopebird by Rubicon ArtSometimes when I’m doing my re-blogging on Tumblr, and endlessly scrolling through the dashboard, I come across something that makes me feel – ‘yes, this is important.’ It’s a simple way of saying – ‘I’m here, and I’ll listen.’

This is for everyone who stumbles across my blog, or reads it regularly, who makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when you ‘like’ my blog posts or even – hey – comment. People who need someone to vent to or who need a friend, just for a moment, or forever. No matter how far away you are. I’m a good listener. I won’t judge you or think any less of you if you’re going through something.

So without further ado, I introduce Hopebird, the brainchild (or heartchild?) of Rubicon’s Art, a blogger and artist on Tumblr. This is what Hopebird is about:

‘This is hopebird.

Hopebird is a little project idea of mine. He’s transparent, and I’m giving permission to use this as you want as long as you don’t profit from it.

I want you to put hopebird on your blog (either reblog this or take the image and put it on your blog) if you are a SAFE ZONE. That means anyone who has this logo on their blog will not judge you based on your race, age, religion, sexuality, ability, gender, appearance, or anything. If you see hopebird, it means that this person is open to talk to and offer you support if you need it.’ From Rubicon’s Art.

So, see that icon on the right of my blog? That is what it’s there for – for you.

p.s. You can find my contact details on my About Liz page.

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3 thoughts on “Hope Bird.

  1. Reblogged this on Mirrorgirl: and commented:
    Great idea from a blogger who want to inspire people to be there for others! A small way to make a contribution:)


    1. I know, I’m glad I stumbled across it! Thanks for commenting 🙂


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