Out There

Its been two weeks since I’ve written a blog post – mostly I’ve just felt a little uninspired but also things have been very busy! For a start, I had an interview to prepare for and two articles to write for the same week, and then Dan’s parents came to visit for the Chelsea Flower Show (his Dad is a gardener, so it was a brilliant day out for them!), and stay for a few days.

It was a whirlwind few days – on Sunday 20th the Deaf Writers and Book Group had their second meeting to discuss Isles of View by C.F. Brunner at Foyles (in the Cafe, formerly Ray’s Jazz Cafe). It was brilliant to actually discuss books in an inclusive and deaf aware group, something I’ve always wanted to do. It is true that if you want something to happen, then you have to go for it and enjoy life as much as possible. Our next book is Chattering by Louise Stern. It’s interesting how we’re choosing to look at books that have deaf characters or the writers are deaf – it is giving us plenty to discuss when we meet up. I think that’s the point of a book group – to talk about things and form opinions, but also talk about personal reactions to books. At times I’ve read a book and waxed lyrical on it but nobody else I know had read it or wanted to talk about it. So this is one of those ways of sharing the love of books and reading!

The interview I prepared for was on Tuesday 22nd – and was for a one week placement at The Guardian as part of their positive action scheme. Myself and nine other candidates had a group interview/assessment where we got to talk about our article pitches and discuss the news or things related to the news that we would like to write about. It was one of those things where I felt as though I was so near to something I’ve always wanted to do – that it was very hard for me not to become a nervous wreck! Putting myself forwards also doesn’t come very naturally to me, but I did my best and I got to pitch two articles to an editor. Its something I will never forget and I’m proud of myself for having the courage to go along and say yes to something. Saying yes really does get you somewhere. Applying to things does pay off eventually. Don’t be afraid to try – I know that when we admit our dreams to ourselves sometimes it feels scary, but you’ll always feel that regret of ‘what if’ if you don’t give it a go!

Amongst all this busyness, I’m trying to find a way to get my fiction writing jump-started again. I’ve been focusing a lot on journalism and blogging, and not enough on my fictional world. So this week I’m determined to focus on my fiction and find a better way of managing my workload. It is difficult having lots of different projects but at the same time, its good to learn how to juggle things and schedule time, and actually use that time. I know I’m not as good as I should be at managing my time so that I work on fiction as well as articles, because I don’t set myself enough deadlines. Maybe deadlines are easier to stick to when you have someone or something holding you accountable. Maybe I need someone or something to motivate me?

Either way, this is a fiction week, so I know I have this week to focus on planning and writing the two novels I’m working on. I’ve also been thinking about blog post ideas – a couple of things I’ve let slide including 100 Things I Love About The  UK and the Writer’s Series need sorting out. So look forward to a few things coming up in the next few weeks!

I hope you’re enjoying the weather – the explosion of freckles all over my forehead tell me that summer has arrived…

Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.  ~ Sam Keen

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