Sunshine Lady

Yesterday, we had to take one of our lovely lady cats, Georgina, down to the vets, because she had a seizure and was retaining fluid in her organs. We took her to the vets on Saturday because of the fluid and the vet wasn’t very optimistic about her chances but gave us some diuretic tablets to try and help her absorb the fluid. She was very happy, purring away and spending time with us, but the fluid didn’t seem to be going away. She also had an underactive thyroid so she was always hungry in the last year or so – in a way, sort of funny because she kept jumping up on work surfaces and stealing food. In fact, we found her dragging a pizza crust into the living room once!

We made the decision not to let her suffer any longer because although she was perky and happy, our Mum thought she was dying after the seizure she had as she was breathing so shallowly. When we took her to the vet, he said that her heart was failing. So it was the right decision, because no animal deserves to go through so much pain.

She was lovely. One of the most beautiful cats I’ve ever seen – big green eyes, a little pink button nose, fluffy soft grey and white fur. She had such a sweet nature – she always wanted to spend time with people, even strangers! She was a little cat who brought so much joy and love to our lives. I don’t think anyone can underestimate how much love a cat or dog,  or another pet, can bring to a family. People think that cats aren’t as loving or as unique as dogs – but they are.

Gigi loved shoes, sunshine, cardboard boxes, and food. She loved to flop down in a patch of sunshine and roll around and go to sleep. She loved to sit on shoes or put her paws into shoes and go to sleep in them. She adored cardboard boxes and adopted some as a favourite sleeping place. She was mad about food, and yesterday had a lot of salmon paste as a special treat. She was a cat that loved her home comforts, and loved attention, and had a purr that sounded like a car engine but a silent little meow. She’s buried with her brother Quentin in the garden now. We gave her a lovely send off with candles around her grave.

I will miss her so much. She meant so much to all of us, a little bundle of beauty and grace.




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3 thoughts on “Sunshine Lady

  1. Beautiful, beautiful lady! Going to miss her so, so much! Already missing her…but I’m sure she’s having sweet dreams 🙂 xxx


  2. very beautiful cat 🙂


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