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So, it’s day 30 and I’ve pretty much caught up but I’m a bit sad because tomorrow is the end of the 31 Days of Happy Things. That’s not to say that I have to stop blogging about happy things. It’s definitely made me look at my blog differently and helped me think about different ways to blog, and how to be meaningful with few words, or when I’m shattered and ill and don’t feel like writing much. This month has been very strange – I’ve had some lovely moments but for most of it have been ill, first with norovirus then with a horrible cold that has lasted well beyond two weeks. I’m thinking about how I can take this forward, and connect with other bloggers beyond just taking part in a blogging challenge. It can be difficult to connect with other people when you can’t always leave thoughtful and long comments, but it is worth a try. This is why in the coming month I will need to connect with other NanoWriMo people – because we are all doing something that needs a hell of a lot of motivation! I bet I’ll be a mess by the end of the month, but hopefully I will have something to show for all that hard work.

Anyway, today’s post is dedicated to some lovely bloggers/blogs I’ve been inspired by recently. All of them inspire me in their own ways, and I love that blogging brings people together from many different walks of life and all over the world.

1. Stars and Rainbows.

2. Color Me Katie.

3. Weesha’s World.

4. Johnny in a Dress

5. Deafinitely Girly

6. Lyssa Beth

7. The Creative Place

8. Pocket Rocket Fashion

9. Yeah Write!

10. Book Mania

So – Happy Sunday – I know it’s not the happiest day for a lot of people, but at least the day isn’t over yet!

3 thoughts on “Gorgeous Blogs

  1. Thanks for the shares! I found a couple of new favourites. 🙂


  2. That’s okay! I love your blog too, thanks for commenting 🙂


  3. What a great surprise! I am truly humbled and honored that I made the list. Thank you!
    Lyssa Beth


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