Riot, Grrrl…

It’s not a strictly Riot Grrrl list, but these are some of the best women in music, in my opinion:

1. Adele 2. Florence and the Machine 3. Corinne Bailey Rae 4. Lauryn Hill 5. Billie Holliday 6. Hole 7. Sleater Kinney 8. Le Tigre 9. The Gossip 10. Bikini Kill 11. Cat Power 12. Yeah Yeah Yeahs 14. Alicia Keys 15. Dido 16. Norah Jones 17. Roberta Flack 18. Bat For Lashes 19. Nina Simone 20. Amy Winehouse 21. The Runaways 22. Siouxie Sioux 23. Patti Smith 24. Janis Joplin 25. La Roux 26. Garbage 27. Texas 28. The Corrs 29. P J Harvey 30. Elastica 31. Suzi Quatro 32. Juliette Lewis 33. Dusty Springfield 34. The Ronettes/Regina Spector 35. Kate Nash 36. Paramore 37. Madonna 38. Stevie Nicks 39. Marianne Faithfull 40. Tori Amos 41. Aretha Franklin 42. Dionne Warwick 43. Ella Fitzgerald 45. Eva Cassidy 46. Cyndi Lauper 47. Blondie.

There are so many, and so many songs they’ve performed. All of them are fantastic for different reasons, and I think its important to remember that there are some fabulous musicians and singers and divas out there – so much better than some of the stuff you get in the charts at the moment. I mean, I like some of Lady Gaga’s stuff and Adele and so on, but a lot of it is just lather, rinse, repeat. I know I sound like a grumpy cynical person, but sometimes you have to look back to see the best of what music can offer.

Picture from Terradoll. Please visit her blog – she blogs about feminism, riot grrrl and celebrates women in music.

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