This is quite a random and all encompassing topic, but it is one close to my heart (and eyes). Basically, it seems to me that people are happy when they are surrounded by objects that spark creativity and remind them of good things, or that put a little sunshine in their day. For example, my addictions are mugs (yes, tea and coffee mugs), candles, stacks of books, and anything to do with illustration or contemporary design. On the other hand, I’m not an art snob at all – I like anything from Van Gogh to street graffiti. It is inspiring to have all these little objects around, especially if you’re writing or creating something. Its fun to browse Etsy and discover all these lovely pieces of art and interesting objects that you might not need, but you feel would make your environment a little more interesting.

Anyway, these are some pretty/interesting things:

Cherry Cushion from ClickforArt by Zutto

Hummingbird Cushion from joom on Etsy

Large Teapot Clock from DecoyLab at Etsy

Bird Cupcake Ceramic Stand by WhitneySmith at Etsy

Felted Princess Mononoke Pillow by RikkaRikka at Etsy

Navy Blue Polka Dot Dress Plate by Ninainvorm at Etsy

Tossed Wing Chair by Kozyndan at ClickforArt

Blackberry Pillow by Zutto at ClickforArt

Bird in the Bush Cups by Dutch by Design


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