Life is…

I know, I know, it’s been a while. My posting has been spotty over the past month, and now it’s December! It’s my birthday tomorrow, but I’m not doing anything until the weekend since tomorrow I have sign language class in the evening and everyone is working. I think having a birthday during the week is a bit rubbish, I’m not sure if it will be the same next year. I’m looking forward to the weekend though, since we’re all going out, and I may go to the cinema with my man on Saturday to see The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. I also want to see Harry Potter 7 but I missed this week’s subtitled showings so hopefully I’ll get to see it next week.

I’ve also been feeling more excited about the future recently – the writing opportunities and also being able to make money from blogging by writing about things I want to write about. I would never sell anything I didn’t find interesting on my blogs, so I’ve signed up to E-buzzing which is an excellent website for bloggers who want to be able to choose what they write about on their blogs. They partner with names such as Levi’s, PayPal, the Co-Op and so on. I find it much better than crowding my blog with adverts, which I have little control over.

I’m also going up North for Christmas for the first time with Dan – I’ve only been there for a few Hogmanay’s (New Year) in our 9 years of being together, so I’m looking forward to it. It will be strange not being with my parents and sister, but they will be fine, I think they’re going to be seeing my aunt and our cousins and Sarah’s man Matt will be over later in the day for xmas dinner. I haven’t been to Scotland since February this year due to lack of money, which is depressing but things are starting to look up a bit.

Signing is going well, it’s interesting how learning BSL is helping my confidence. Its hard to explain the difference its making to how I feel about being deaf, and how much more whole I feel since starting to learn BSL again. Our teacher is Deaf (BSL) and she’s inspired me so much, although I don’t know if ‘inspired’ is the right word – maybe I mean that seeing how confident and sure of herself she is rubs off on me. It can be hard being out in a hearing world where deafness is largely hidden, unless you go and seek it out by going to deaf clubs, deaf pubs or attending events where other deaf people are around. It is very hard to explain how much more confident and reassured it makes you feel, although, again, I don’t think ‘reassured’ is the right word either! I was talking to my Mum about it last night and neither of us could explain what we meant – she said she had noticed that Sarah and I are more confident in some way. Maybe I’ll be able to explain it better one day!

At the moment, these are things keeping me sane:

1. Warm socks

2. Music – The Rolling Stones and Michael Jackson at the moment (odd combination but it seems to work!)

3. Writing and earning some money

3. Lots of hot tea with milk

4. Georgina and Flossie – they’re both being very affectionate recently!

5. Satsumas – my replacement instead of overdosing on chocolate!

6. Nailpolish – even when I’m having a bad hair day, have spots on my chin and can’t be bothered to wear anything except jeans and a jumper, nailpolish cheers me up.

7. Seeing the snow fall down, even though it is causing chaos everywhere!

8. Reading Steampunk or Supernatural themed books (in some cases, both, courtesy of Gail Carriger)

9. Twitter – I’m addicted to keeping up with all my favourite bloggers as well as Stephen Fry, Eddie Izzard and looking out for discount codes!

10. The thought of the lead up to Christmas with mince pies, mulled wine and general good cheer!

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  1. I’m back too 🙂 xxx


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