An Old Photo Of Me

This isn’t a photo of ten years ago or more (according to the 30 Days tag), but I couldn’t find any old photos of me to hand on my computer. This is in Nice on the French Riviera – me and Dan went there for our first holiday away together for two weeks. It is a lovely city – one of contrasts. I loved the Old Town as the newer part of town was undergoing a renovation with the tram line being built. So we spent a lot of time in the Old Town, and travelled outside Nice to Grasse (where they make perfume – Fragonard had a few shops there) and a few other seaside towns. There was a lot of choice, food wise, but here I am tucking in to Salade Nicoise, the speciality of Nice – it was lovely. Our hotel was also absolutely lovely too – Hotel Nice Brice which was within easy walking distance to the promenade and public transport. It had this little garden oasis around the front so you didn’t feel like the road outside was disturbing the peace, and it also had a bar and restaurant (where we ate a few times, the food was good!). Mostly I remember the food in Nice as being wonderful – and the discovery of Niki De Sainte Phalle and her Nanas in the Modern Art Gallery 🙂 This was in 2006, I think (although it may have been before 2006).

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