The sun is shining and Spring is here but I have a horrible sore throat (and cold) and possibly an ear infection (every time I swallow something the gland leading up to my ear hurts) so I have been hibernating in the house and in bed for the past few days. This means I have been reading, but I haven’t felt much like writing, even my trusty writer’s notebook has been abandoned. I feel very lacklustre and just sort of bored. I guess this is the normal state of being when you’re ill. I just wish it was over already so I can get on with the things I need to get on with.

So, after reading Sunshine, I have read the following three books: ‘I Was Told There’d Be Cake’ by Sloane Crosley, ‘Shift’ by Rachel Vincent and ‘The Book of Tomorrow’ by Cecilia Ahern. All quite different to each other, but definitely worth reading – Sloane Crosley made me snort with mirth, whilst Cecilia Ahern delivered a discomfiting mystery and Rachel Vincent a fast paced and supernatural urban fantasy. I’ve also read the most recent issue of the ‘Writer’s Forum’ magazine and found an article about being a reviewer, so that was useful.

Next I am going to read Neil Gaiman’s ‘American Gods’ – I absolutely think he’s a genius writer and has a brilliant sense of humour. It’s a bit like Terry Pratchett, but much darker and grittier. I think I’m drawn to the darker elements of fiction; I like my fiction served with a dollop of grittiness, although I do sometimes read more frothy offerings. Err, like The Time Traveller’s Wife – although I get the impression that this isn’t what most people think of as ‘frothy’? I think I’m just kind of weird.

I’ve also had some good news – I may be volunteering at The Women’s Library this summer and in September, if they need help. I’ve also registered for Advance Creative Writing which starts in October at the Open University so that I can get the diploma in Literature and Creative Writing. I definitely don’t need or want to do another degree as this year is the last chance to have modules count towards the Diploma, rather than a degree. I’m hoping I can get funding this time around as I was too late to get funding last year, and as a result have been paying the OUSBA £81 a month since November. The last payment is next month so I’m happy about that! I need to start saving to sort out my student overdraft this summer.

Well, I know it’s kind of annoying that I’ve been focusing on books rather than anything else for the past post or so – but I really don’t have an awful lot going on at the moment. The other stuff is too personal, and about my family, so I don’t really want to discuss it here. My Mum has been having problems at work, and I don’t want to make anything worse by talking about it here. I’m sure it will work out for her eventually.

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