Yesterday (Sunday) I went to see Alice in Wonderland with my Mum and Sister as an Easter treat (with subtitles). It wasn’t the 3D version, but after the Avatar fiasco – feeling seasick – I think it was a wise choice not to go 3D!

It was brilliant, and despite people saying that the story wasn’t up to much, I kind of disagree – the characters shone and it was a sort of alternative Alice, if such a thing is possible! I loved the gothicness – Tim Burton is brilliant and every single film he does has a bizarre twist to it. I’ve always been attracted to that whole fantasy gothic element in literature, art and films – maybe it’s because the otherworldly has a certain fascination that fiction or film set in the real world doesn’t. People have a lot of fun with the fantasy genre – they can explore politics, life and character in a way that takes us out of ourselves, away from the here and now. Yet you can learn a lot about yourself and the rest of the world from watching or reading something fantastical. I think it allows for flights of fantasy that often aren’t sanctioned in everyday life, because when we grow up we’re not supposed to use our imaginations like we did when we were children, apparently.

It’s almost as if we are discouraged from being creative, to think for ourselves, to make our own inner worlds, our own technicolour films and photographs, our own inner novels. More and more over recent years I have regressed back to a desire to use my hands and creativity – knitting, baking, craft projects, scrapbooking, making jewellery, even doing some sketches in my notebooks.

If you feel you’ve lost that creativity that you had when you were a child, or feel that it’s pointless, then I would urge you to just pick up a pen and a piece of paper, or some paints, and just let your imagination run riot. It doesn’t matter if what you do looks childlike – it’s a connection to something, our inner child, who needs to be set free sometimes. Don’t worry about keeping within the lines. Or at least that’s what I feel. Life is for living, and if you hold your imagination and dreams back then ultimately you’ll end up being unhappy. I felt that as cheesy as it might sound, Alice in Wonderland, this version at least, had a message – that you need to follow your own heart and dreams, and not be afraid to face your fears.

Also, inevitably with Alice in Wonderland, the clothes and style, the makeup, was amazing and inspiring. The colour and the materials are like a mix of Victoriana, Punk and Steampunk. It was both ethereal and like watching the Wizard of Oz 🙂

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