Sunday Afternoons

Tea♣ Today was a bit of a strange one – it consisted of waking up at 12 in the afternoon, having toast and coffee, being offered a bacon sandwich from my father (which was very nice of him) and then settling down to do more ‘I have a chesty cough and a cold and feel sorry for myself’ whilst watching Poirot and Agatha Christie feature length films on ITV2 (I think).

I also did a lot of ‘character’ writing and developing in an attempt to catch up with the two weeks of Open University work that I’ve missed through the ‘being ill and feeling sorry for myself’ bit. It didn’t go too badly, I’ve only got two exercises left in the character chapter, but now I have to spend about two days catching up with last week’s ‘setting’ chapter before I go on to do this week’s chapter on viewpoint. It would be more fun if I didn’t have to scramble madly to catch up, but you can’t have it both ways, I guess.

I’m hoping the cold will go away very soon because I’ve volunteered at an event for the theatre on Tuesday evening and really have to be at my best, or at least close to my best. I’m sure this will involve dosing myself up on Lemsip ‘All in One’ tablets with guafenesin for the chesty cough. Hopefully the funny head won’t be a problem. If anyone out there has a cure for tinnitus making a ‘cold’ head a bit dizzy, please let me know.

What I love best about Sundays: the possibility of a roast dinner (we had spaghetti bolognaise tonight but I could inhale the fumes of my parent’s roast dinner), the lazy feeling (nothing new there then), and lots of tea and coffee. I also love sitting down with the Sunday papers but unfortunately this hasn’t happened for a while. My parents used to have their Sunday ritual – breakfast in bed with the Sunday papers. It sounds rather lovely and something of a dying tradition – everyone is so busy in their lives nowadays.

Bloc Party – Sunday

Heavy night, it was a heavy night
Feels like we’ve just, come back from the dead
Heavy night, it was a heavy night
I cannot remember what I said to anyone
If we get up now, we can catch the afternoon
Watch the under15’s playing football in the park
Let’s sit in St Leonard’s on this alcoholic day
We’re doing the best, with what we’ve got
I love you in the morning
When you’re still hung over
I love you in the morning
When you’re still strung out
I work hard all week and so do you
We deserve to let off some steam
Less orthodox creeping,
We need to rage through all of this life
There might be ones who are smarter than you
That have the right answers that wear better shoes
Forget about those melting ice caps
We’re doing the best, with what we’ve got
I love you in the morning
When you’re still hung over
I love you in the morning
When you’re still strung out
When I’m with you, I am calm
A pearl in your oyster
Head on my chest a silent smile
A private kind of happiness
You see giant proclamations
Are all very well
But our love is louder than words
I love you in the morning ♣

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