Michael Jackson

ThrillerEven though I’m an adult and my childhood is long gone, Michael Jackson’s musical influence has never gone missing from my life. His music was the soundtrack to much of my teens and childhood – even though I wasn’t necessarily around in his heyday (having been born in 1984). For me, Michael Jackson was the last great Pop Icon (even though Madonna, Paul McCartney and Prince, etc are still around). I have never been as interested in Pop music as I was when it came to Michael Jackson. I doubt I ever will be, in these days of manufactured and repetitious pop music. His dancing, his style, his innovation – will probably continue to inspire many. I am not going to go into the whole lifestyle/life thing – we will never know the truth. His music is the most enduring thing for me, as well as his iconic status – the moves, the poses, the (sometimes outlandish) costumes. The videos too – he influenced a whole generation of artists when it comes to music videos. Thriller will always be my number one music video, as well as Smooth Criminal, Bad and Billie Jean. It has come as a shock, and I feel, as many others may feel, that it is the end of an era – part of my childhood has now been laid to rest. Emotive perhaps, but music is a big thing for me, and always has been. Thriller was the first ever album I listened to and loved, as a young kid, all the way to now, when I have found favourites amongst all his albums, from Off the Wall to Invincible. I hope history is kind to him, no matter what his reputation may have been in the end.

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