Undiscovered Treasures


This month, there have been a few exciting developments in the creative world. The Know the Not Known campaign launched by Tiger in October 2010 has been seeking to spread the word about interesting projects and creative ventures by a number of different artistic groups and individuals. The Know the Not Known campaign is all about discovering new talent, pushing the boundaries of creativity – and giving people the chance to discover new and exciting events, experiences and creative talent. They aim to promote consumer reward through curiousity. In particular, Tiger has focused on three different areas to date – Vice partnerships with creative collectives creating unique videos to communicate a journey of discovery called ‘The Found Series’; ‘8 Not Known’ events – a series of events created with 8 exciting London promoters to put on exclusive events and give consumers access to event tickets; and the Empire partnership launching ‘Undiscovered Treasures’ this month with 3 exclusive film screenings and access to film talent at Soho Hotel.

The Empire partnership is all about a series of films that are fantastic but might have passed you by on release. Each film is shown at a special screening at London’s Soho Hotel with exclusive access to talent from the great pool of directors and actors involved. The first screening on the 28th June shows The Escapist, originally released in 2008. Only 100 lucky people will be able to get their hands on tickets – but to be in with a chance of winning the tickets, go here.

The Tiger Beer and Empire partnership is cemented this month with the launch of their new creative featuring Institute For Eyes, also known as film director duo Luke Seomore and Joseph Bull. Institute For Eyes are part of 4 specially selected talents sources with Dazed and Confused to harness the consumer passion points of music, art, design and film. You can see the creative currently online here or the behind the scene footage on the Tiger YouTube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/TigerBeerUK?ob=5#p/u/6/m4C4CeXHDmI

Visit Empire Online for more information and to follow the progress as the films are announced: http://www.empireonline.com/undiscoveredtreasures/


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