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During 2011, there are a few things that advertisers need to keep in mind when creating eye-catching or interesting adverts to pique the attention of the consumer. Many companies have harnessed the power of social networking and other ways to get their customers or potential customers involved. One such company is Honda, which has created an unique campaign in partnership with Channel 4 Documentaries. In particular, this campaign aims to get customers involved by encouraging them to tell their stories about using the products – for example, one particular video tells the story of Phillippa Wills using her Honda ATV to herd her farm of Alpacas! The campaign highlights the quirky and interesting ways in which people use machines in their day to day lives.

The mini-documentaries so far are beautifully shot and more like an advert for a British feature film. I found the personal ways in which people told their stories and shared their lives was inspiring, interesting and definitely made me interested in knowing more, even though I am unlikely to buy a Honda product, since I can’t drive yet! Mostly, what keeps someone interested in a brand is exciting advertising – and Honda has created unique advertising over the years. They never bring out a boring advert; I remember a few years ago when I was at University, I enjoyed their ‘Power of Dreams’ advert, with the illustrations.

These adverts are unique in that they tell real life stories from people who are using their Honda machines in novel ways. Such as the man using his Honda machine as a makeshift ultrasound for his flock of sheep. Adrian Bell uses his generator to discover whether his ewes are in lamb or not in the early stages of pregnancy. Then there are people like Nigel Farquhar who uses his Honda Transalp bike to ride ahead and make sure the roads are clear when he is volunteering as an escort for British Cycling. These stories show how many diverse people use Honda products, and how the same products might be used in different ways.

Facebook and Twitter activity will accompany all phases of the campaign, engaging users and linking to the online hub at http://www.honda.co.uk/stories where the documentaries will be available in full on, in addition to other films, articles, and interesting stories. There’s also a ‘Take Part’ section, where Honda-owners can upload stories and photographs, documenting the unusual ways in which they use their Honda products. The favourite – chosen by Wieden + Kennedy – will be turned into the final mini-documentary and turned into idents for TV.




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